Afasic job boardCalling all PARENT MEMBERS:
In December, our current Treasurer, Steve White, will be stepping down as Treasurer after many years of service on the Board.  We are very grateful for his help in the past, but his departure now means that we need to recruit a new Treasurer.   We are also still seeking other parent members who might like to consider joining our Board.

Why parents?  Simply because Afasic has been a parent-led organisation from the beginning, and our Memorandum and Articles state that the Board of Trustees should contain up to 6 parent members.  We are keen to maintain that parental focus if possible, because parents of children with speech, language and communications difficulties – and of course the young people themselves – are still very much the focus of our services.

So what is involved in being a Trustee?  Basically, what our Trustees require is a sincere commitment to Afasic and its purposes, lots of enthusiasm, and an ability to work together with other Trustees in the strategic planning and monitoring of what we do.  There are normally four Board meetings a year, currently all held in London and on a Saturday; travelling expenses are of course paid.  Trustees do have quite a bit of reading to do before these meetings – papers go out in advance – and I also keep the Board updated with anything important which happens between meetings.  We also encourage our Trustees to attend some of our special events, especially if something is happening in their area, and to help build our relationships with our many supporters.   Please see below for a Trustee Job Description and Person Specification, which at first sight does look a bit frightening, because it covers the requirements of the Charity Commission in some detail.

What is required of a Treasurer?  Although perhaps the ideal Treasurer would be someone who has accounting qualifications, this isn’t absolutely essential, as our Treasurer won’t be expected to keep the books!   However, he or she will need to have a sound understanding of financial principles and be able to read, understand and if necessary explain the financial reports which come to the Board at their meetings.  The Treasurer’s overall role is to maintain an overview of Afasic’s affairs, ensuring its financial viability and ensuring that proper financial records and procedures are maintained.  They will need to recognise risks and have some understanding of fundraising.    Matthew Scales, our Chair, will be happy to guide any new Treasurer in their duties.

Might you be interested?  If you would like more information, please telephone 0207 490 9410.  If you would like to apply to become a Trustee or take up the role of Treasurer, please complete and return the Nominations Form by 25 November 2016 at the latest, to have them in time for our AGM.

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