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Written By: Afasic Helpline on September 9, 2016 No Comment

Over the summer, members of the Afasic Helpline Team have been out and about in the London area meeting parents of children attending our Secondary Transfer Courses. This was a great opportunity to chat to the parents, hear about their concerns and let them know how Afasic can help – especially as few of them […]

Written By: Afasic Helpline on May 26, 2016 One Comment

A caller to the Afasic Parents’ Helpline recently reported being told that most headteachers don’t take speech and language difficulties seriously as they associate it with poverty and parents’ presumed failure to talk to their children properly. Even if there were some truth in this – and both research and common sense tell us that […]

Written By: Afasic Helpline on April 8, 2016 No Comment

Every year, I draw up a summary of the fantastic feedback we receive about the Afasic Helpline. Parents who’ve used it generally can’t speak too highly of it, and the comments this year have been particularly encouraging. One thing a number of them said is that they didn’t expect much before they rang and were […]

Written By: Website Editor on March 8, 2016 No Comment
Afasic Helpline - advice and support for parents with children who have speech and language difficulties

Jo had always felt that her 10 year old daughter Holly (not her real name) had significant difficulties but found it hard to pinpoint what was wrong. This made it very difficult to get anyone else to take her concerns seriously. Holly had some intermittent speech and language therapy when she was younger but it […]

Written By: Afasic Helpline on February 12, 2016 No Comment

Recently, members of the Afasic Helpline team have made a number of external visits – to Centre 404 in Islington and The Amethyst Foundation in west London. It’s been great to speak to parents in person, have a thorough chat about speech and language difficulties and discuss the issues they’re facing locally. If you live […]

Written By: Afasic Helpline on December 18, 2015 No Comment

Alison, the Afasic Helpline Manager, recently had an interesting conversation with a retired speech and language therapist. She recalled how, in her day, most children with a diagnosis of speech and language impairments went to a language unit where a few years’ intensive help equipped them to continue their education on the same terms as […]