Afasic helpline – a lifeline for parents

Afasic helpline team

Are you worried that your child

  • Doesn’t seem to be talking?
  • Isn’t getting enough help?
  • Just seems to be falling further and further behind?

Do you feel:

  • Nobody is taking your concerns seriously?
  • You can’t get satisfactory answers to your questions?
  • There doesn’t seem to be any way forward?

Then contact the Afasic Helpline straight away.

Get in touch by phone or by email

Call us
Ring the Afasic helpline on 08453 55 55 77 during opening hours.
We can call you
Fill in the call back service form and we will call you at a time which suits you.
Send an email
Fill in our online enquiry form and we will email you back.

We also offer a ‘listening ear’ if you just want to talk to someone who understands.

No query is too small or too silly. If you are worried or even just want to check there’s nothing else you need to know or do, please get in touch. Read about what we can help with.

Remember, make the Afasic helpline your first not your last resort.