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Helpline Outreach to Parents
Afasic Helpline : 12 February 2016 1:34 pm : Helpline Blog

Recently, members of the Afasic Helpline team have made a number of external visits – to Centre 404 in Islington and The Amethyst Foundation in west London. It’s been great to speak to parents in person, have a thorough chat about speech and language difficulties and discuss the issues they’re facing locally. If you live in and around the London area and would like us to come and talk to your local parents’ group, do get in touch; we’d be happy to visit.

In a similar vein, we’ve been thrilled  to reach out to new parents at our regular drop-ins held on the first Tuesday of each month in the Afasic office. Do pass the word on to any parents who might find them helpful.

We’re also delighted to say that from the first Friday in March, we will be holding a monthly drop-in at Centre 404. So, if you live in the Islington area, do come along and see us. No question is too silly or small. As with most things, it’s better just to check and make sure you’ve got it right.

We hope to meet more of you soon!



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Mainstream Placements – Managing Parents Expectations?
Afasic Helpline : 18 December 2015 3:09 pm : Helpline Blog

Alison, the Afasic Helpline Manager, recently had an interesting conversation with a retired speech and language therapist. She recalled how, in her day, most children with a diagnosis of speech and language impairments went to a language unit where a few years’ intensive help equipped them to continue their education on the same terms as everyone else – and often go on to university. She wondered how we had ended up in the current situation where children with speech and language impairments are struggling to keep their head above water in mainstream and language units seem increasingly to be focusing on children with more complex needs.

This is a good question. We know parents want the best for their children so what is happening? Are the constant reassurances that their child will ‘cope’ simply leading parents to accept that this is as good as it gets? If so, why are they allowing their expectations to be managed in this way?

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It pays to complain
Afasic Helpline : 29 October 2015 2:47 pm : Helpline Blog

Great News! The other day, the Afasic Helpline received a call from a parent who was so dissatisfied with the speech and language therapy service locally that she complained – and was immediately offered a meeting to discuss her concerns. This is really what Afasic is all about and it would be great to hear of more parents taking action. We could even post success stories on our website – to show what can be done.

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Speech and Language Difficulties are a big deal
Afasic Helpline : 30 September 2015 3:01 pm : Helpline Blog

Many parents who contact the Afasic Helpline seem to consider their child’s speech and language difficulties to be a relatively ‘mild’ problem. This is astounding when you stop to think how much we rely on talking, reading and listening for almost every aspect of our daily lives. Indeed, in a very real sense, speech and language largely define what it is to be human. As Wittgenstein said, ” The limits of my language are the limits of my world”. If your child has significant speech and language needs, they are likely to face very real difficulties at school and elsewhere. So you should take it seriously, but please don’t panic. There is help available, and the Afasic Helpline can help you access it. Call us any time you’re concerned.

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Reaching out to Parents
Afasic Helpline : 17 July 2015 3:02 pm : Helpline Blog

We’ve recently received several queries as a direct result of the radio programme featuring Dorothy Bishop. They were all from parents who had struggled for some time to understand their children’s difficulties and get them taken seriously. There must be lots more parents in this position – who need the Helpline but do not know about us. Please help us to help them and spread the word.

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