Written By: Website Editor on 6 September 2016
Afasic survey for parents and carers

We are currently trying to develop Afasic’s Strategic Plan for the future, and in order to do this well, we first want YOU to help us understand what you would like to see from us in terms of support, activities and events.  So we would be very grateful indeed if you could complete a short […]

Written By: Website Editor on 20 September 2016

With the introduction of the brand new £5 note, why not pledge your first fiver to making a difference at Afasic? £5 pays for 15 minutes expert advice on our free Helpline and can make all the difference to a parent seeking support! Thank you for your kind and generous support, which really does make […]

Written By: Website Editor on 12 September 2016
Tfl initiative for people with hidden disabilities - SLCN

Today marks the launch of a trial TFL initiative to help those with hidden disabilities when it comes to travelling in and around London. The new ‘Please offer me a seat’ badges are very similar to the extremely successful ‘Baby on board badges’ and aim to help those with hidden disabilities get a seat on […]

Written By: Afasic Helpline on 9 September 2016

Over the summer, members of the Afasic Helpline Team have been out and about in the London area meeting parents of children attending our Secondary Transfer Courses. This was a great opportunity to chat to the parents, hear about their concerns and let them know how Afasic can help – especially as few of them […]

Written By: Website Editor on 9 September 2016
Jonathan and Leyton raise funds for Afasic

Our cycling supporter Jonathan Edwards has found a friend to join him on his next cycling adventure for Afasic. His name is Leyton, and he is a teddy bear that Jonathan found abandoned and dirty at the roadside and decided to adopt him. Although he is lovely and very friendly, Leyton is in bad need […]

Written By: Website Editor on 8 September 2016
Afasic Helpline drop-in clinics with a speech and language therapist to answer all your questions. Free service.

The next helpline drop in clinic will be on the 4th October from 10am – 1.00pm. Don’t forget that alongside our Helpline advisors we do have a speech and language therapist from Unlocking Language attending too! Our therapist will be available to respond to therapy related queries, look at contents of reports and offer hints […]