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Getting extra help for your child’s speech and language

Getting extra helpMost children develop speech and language without needing extra help. The age at which children start to talk varies widely: most children say their first words between 12 and 24 months and put words together between 18 and 36 months. But some children find it difficult to talk or to understand other people – they may need extra help to develop their communication skills.

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Afasic Checklists

The Afasic Checklists provide a reliable and valid means of identifying children who have speech and language difficulties.

Afasic Checklist 4-5 year olds (357.8 KiB, 2,360 hits)

Afasic Checklist 6-10 year olds (346.7 KiB, 1,917 hits)

Identifying SLCN

Afasic - free download - identifying SLCNAnyone who knows a child well can identify SLCN – this includes parents or other family members.
Doctors, teachers, health visitors, childminders, staff in children’s centres and nurseries all have a duty to identify SLCN and arrange or provide appropriate help.
This useful download looks at a variety of examples of possible difficulties and how to get the right help.

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Speech and Language Development Milestones

Afasic - speech and language milestonesBabies usually say their first word at about 12 months. More words follow – slowly at first, but from around the age of 2, the process speeds up. By the time they start school most children are competent talkers. This download shows how a typical child develops speech and language.

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Handy Hints

Handy HintsA series of quick and easy guides to helping children and young people with speech and language impairments. These sheets may also be of interest to professionals.

Improving Poor Motor Skills (1,017.5 KiB, 9,702 hits)

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Speaking out!

This practical leaflet – with examples and suggestions for support – focuses on helping children find their voice when starting school.

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The Early Support booklet

Early Support bookletThis booklet is for you if you suspect that your child is struggling to learn to talk, or you have recently been told that your child has, or will have, particular difficulty developing communication and language.

Published in 2005 as part of a government initiative for England only.

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