Glossary sheets

These individual sheets explain terms used to describe children with speech and language impairments. They are FREE to download.

Please note: the glossary sheets are in the process of being updated to reflect recent revisions to the law and other current developments.  The full range will be available during the coming weeks so please check back soon.

Selective mutism (257.3 KiB, 8,735 hits)

Stammering (257.8 KiB, 6,332 hits)

Speech disorders (275.5 KiB, 10,056 hits)

Epilepsy and communication (257.2 KiB, 6,814 hits)

Working memory (261.5 KiB, 9,825 hits)

Short-term memory (255.7 KiB, 9,644 hits)

Long-term memory (256.4 KiB, 5,851 hits)

Bilingualism (283.9 KiB, 7,228 hits)