Staying Strong
Alyson is a young adult with SLCN. Despite difficulties, she lives life to the full. Alyson has a message about achievement for all parents of children with SLCN. She is a great role model for young people.

‘My Speech and Me’, by Lavinia Scott
At Afasic we recognise that the closer we get to being able to see life through the eyes of children and young people with SLCN, the stronger our position is when it comes to supporting them and their families. In our work we are assisted by inspirational young people. Lavinia is a very talented and creative young adult, currently studying for a degree. She invites us into her life. We urge all visitors to this site to watch an animation of her story.

‘Talking About Our Lives’
Meet Alyson and Callum, young adults with SLCN.  They talk about their lives with insight and humour.  It is a thought provoking film for parents and carers as well as professionals and other young people.