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Parent support days
Following on from our highly acclaimed parent workshops, Afasic England will be running a series of FREE parent self advocacy training days this autumn.

The workshops are designed to enable parents to understand their rights and how best to manage relationships with professionals in order to get the right support for their children and young people.

Feedback from parents

Find out what parents thought about our support days:

Feedback from parent training days in Liverpool and Manchester - March 2016 (129.7 KiB, 687 hits)

The programme is as follows:
October 18 – Birmingham
October 19 – Sheffield
November 16 – Nottingham
November 17 – Leicester

All workshops will be free – to include refreshments and lunch – and will run from 10am – 2pm.

For further details please see the flyers below:

Birmingham parent support day (480.5 KiB, 204 hits)

Sheffield parent support day (480.2 KiB, 436 hits)

Nottingham parent support day (480.2 KiB, 136 hits)

Leicester parent support day (480.6 KiB, 228 hits)

Summer Starters Transition Scheme

Getting Ready for Secondary School,  Afasic’s Summer Starters programme, supports young people experiencing speech, language and communication difficulties, with their transition to secondary schools across England.

Read about the 2016 programme

Afasic Summer Starters Transition Courses - August 2016 (458.2 KiB, 117 hits)

The overall aim of the programme is to have a positive impact on the lives of pupils, through three specific goals:

  • for students to feel less anxious about transition
  • to equip young people will skills to better manage the new secondary school environment
  • to develop their friendship skills

– and of course to enjoy socialising and playing active games!

Contact Sue Denning for all enquiries.