Courses, workshops and learning

Voice for Life 2013

We are currently planning a new series of courses and workshops where parents can learn and meet other parents.

We have a useful list of free downloads from our previous Voice for Life workshop presentations which took place at Bristol, Haydock Park and London.

Supporting Children Who Stammer (1.8 MB, 1,280 hits)

Assessment And Therapy Intervention Within Educational Diversity (390.8 KB, 1,145 hits)

Talking Partners (679.2 KB, 1,199 hits)

An Introduction to Sign Supported Communication (586.8 KB, 1,031 hits)

Selective Mutism (271.3 KB, 1,774 hits)

Raising Your Game (837.9 KB, 820 hits)

Learning Together Talking Together (729.5 KB, 1,423 hits)

The Assessment and Statementing Process (356.4 KB, 809 hits)

Communication Friendly Schools Status 5 Step Programme (474.9 KB, 1,565 hits)

Afasic Cymru Dragons Youth Club (1.3 MB, 686 hits)

Early Talk (802.1 KB, 862 hits)

Developing Functional Social Skills with Young People with SLCN (802.7 KB, 1,392 hits)

ICAN Assessment Service (928.6 KB, 710 hits)

Children and Families Bill (224.9 KB, 643 hits)

Early Support (1.7 MB, 820 hits)

Play-talk With the Under 5s (411.2 KB, 951 hits)

Talk Boost (775.2 KB, 1,261 hits)

The Parent Voice (1.4 MB, 644 hits)

Visual Supports and Strategies (1.7 MB, 1,468 hits)

Meeting the Needs of Young People with SLCN in Secondary Schools (589.8 KB, 1,128 hits)

Secondary Talk (590.3 KB, 942 hits)

Is Anyone Better Off? (654.8 KB, 779 hits)

Be Bilingual...Be Proud (1.1 MB, 1,119 hits)

What you said about the Voice for Life events

Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for a wonderful and very useful day.  I would be very grateful if you could pass on thanks to all those concerned in organising the event.  Everyone I spoke to also thought it was an informative and highly enjoyable day which was incredibly organised.

It was jam-packed with so much useful information.
I really enjoyed the event.