Parents talk about the problems they face with their children’s speech, language and communication needs. They discuss ways of helping them communicate and getting the right support.

Recognising a problem

Teresa talks about her experiences on discovering her child had a speech and language impairment and what she did to get the right help. She also talks about her involvement with Afasic and its support services.

Helping your child

Kevin, Suzanne and Angela give advice to parents of children with SLI, sharing ideas on things parents can do to help their child communicate. At the end of the film you can find a summary of their tips. (Video courtesy of the RALLI Campaign.)

Getting support

Steve, Kevin, Angela and Suzanne give their personal advice to other parents of children with SLI. They talk about the benefits of getting help for your child, helping family and friends understand your child’s difficulties, and recognising you may need support yourself. (Video courtesy of the RALLI campaign).