Leave a Gift in your Will

The hidden disability of speech and language impairments affects over one million children and young people across the UK.  These children frequently struggle to make friends, find it hard to make the most of their education, and will often become socially isolated, leading to depression and other mental health problems.

Afasic supports and helps these children and young people, and their families.  We work to ensure they have the opportunity to reach their potential and take an active role in society.

By leaving a legacy to Afasic in your Will, you can help ensure that our vital work with these children and young people continues.

Giving in this way is a flexible method of funding the future of the organisation and does not affect your day-to-day income.  Ultimately your legacy will help to change children’s lives for the better.

Help us plan a better future for thousands of children and young people affected by this hidden disability.

For further information on updating or making your Will, or to request your free legacy guide, please contact Mark Thompson on 020 7490 9410, or send Mark an email.