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Afasic Bike Ride 2017 – London to Bath
This year’s Afasic bike ride was over 2 days from London to Bath, with an overnight stop in Newbury, right next to the racecourse, and about 60 miles of peddling each day.

Afasic bike ride 2017As we met up in Richmond we were grateful that the heat wave of the previous week had passed, but not so grateful for the fairly strong westerly wind that would blow into our faces for the whole weekend!

On time at 9.00am we were off and out along the Thames, where we saw the ‘Royal Barge’ along the way.

In Windsor we made an unscheduled pit stop when one of the riders, Julia, said her cousin lived just off the route and we should pop in. We were welcomed with drinks and a flushing loo, and as we left a sizeable donation to the cause, so a very good stop indeed.

Good progress was made and we reached the overnight stop in Newbury by about 5.30pm for a well-earned rest.

On the Sunday, after a hearty breakfast, we faced a lot more hills than on day 1, and by the drink stop just after 11am I think I had already changed gear more times than the whole of the previous day. Of course it wouldn’t be an Afasic bike ride without some rain, and so it was that on Sunday we had showers on and off all morning.

We also had a bit of a fright as we neared the top of a hill when we saw an Adder slithering across the road just in front of us!

The final part of the ride along the towpath of the Kennett & Avon canal was flat, but the surface was very rough and gave all of us a full body workout, as well as some bike repairs to sort out along the way due the constant battering.

Leyton the bear - Afasic bike ride 2017We finally caught up with Jonathan and Leyton about 6 miles from the finish and continued together to the end at Bath – where at last Leyton could get clean!

Leyton the bear was certainly a draw and lots of children came to say hello and see what he was up to. I’m sure that the collecting tins that Jonathan had with him will be pretty full.

Well done to Frances, Julia, Gareth, Jonathan, Leyton the Bear, Rose and Mark for all your efforts on the ride and for helping to raise much needed funding for Afasic, it really is appreciated.

Many thanks go to our support crew of Jan and Gemma who were always a welcome sight for the riders with helpful directions, encouragement, tea and nibbles! We couldn’t have done it without you. Special thanks as always go to our route setter and bike ride inspiration Jonathan, how he managed the route towing a bear in a bath and with 4 panniers on his bike I will never know!

Join us next year for another cycling adventure!
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Please do take part in a bike ride for Afasic, your support really can make a difference.

The organisation really was terrific, we felt spoilt! John

Thank you for organising the ride. I really enjoyed it. I felt really encouraged by knowing the support cars were there if I needed them and our ‘tail end Charlie’, Jonathan was fantastic. Sue