How can YOU volunteer for Afasic?

Volunteers are such an integral and valued part of Afasic that have developed our volunteer led Activity approach to volunteering.

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Volunteering for Afasic is one of the best ways that you can help children and young people with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN). To help you do this, as an Afasic volunteer, you can sign up for a single Activity or build your own personal portfolio by amalgamating a range of Volunteer Activities and build your own unique volunteering role that meets your needs, interests or skills.

For all Activities you, the volunteer, will remain in control of your commitment.

The Activities are grouped in Teams according to the type of volunteering undertaken. As a Parent/Carer you are free to select Activities from one or a combination of all 7 Teams. If you are not a parent/carer you will not be eligible to register for any of the Activities in the Parent Engagement Team. However the Activities in this Team are replicated in the Universal and Professional Team and you are encouraged to make your selection there.

Please note: most of our volunteering opportunities does not involve working directly with children and young people.

Afasic volunteering – choose a team

Supporting Team – Volunteering for everyone with an interest in Speech, Language and Communication Needs who want to raise awareness in their area but feel they don’t have the expertise to engage on anything other than a personal or anecdotal level. The Team is led by Lesley.

Activities include: Leaflet Distributors, Member for External Groups, Speaker, On the Day Helper at Afasic Events, Afasic Supporter.


Campaigning Team – Volunteering for everyone who wish to campaign and be publically identified as a champion for children and young people with Speech Language and Communication Needs and as a ‘voice’ of Afasic and in a local area. The Team is Led by Lesley.

Activities include: Campaigner, Healthwatch Member, Represent/Presenter for Afasic.


Fundraising Team – Volunteering for everyone who wants to raise funds; either as part of an organised event or with a group of friends and family.  The Team is led by Nichola.

Activities include: Organised events like the VLM, Prudential Ride London –Surrey 100 or the Big Fun Runs which are held throughout the UK.  Supporting an Afasic organised event like our ‘Walk ‘n’ Talks or you could organise your own event.  We also occasionally need help with one off activities like bucket shakes or Stewards for the Carol Concert.  


Helpline Team – Volunteering for everyone who has an interest in and the commitment required to undertake sessions on the Helpline. This Team is led by Alison.

Appeal for Helpline Volunteers - August 2014 (107.6 KiB, 646 hits)

Activities include: Home-based Helpline Volunteer, Office (London) based Helpline Volunteer.


Parent Engagement Team – Volunteering for Parents and Carers who would like to engage and support Afasic. This Team is led by Alison.

Activities include: Parent watching Brief, Parent/Carer Consultative Panel, Publications Reviewer.


Social Media Team – Volunteering for everyone who would like to support parents, campaign and or raise awareness locally using a range of Social Media. This Team is led by Liz.

Activities include: Afasic Social Media User, Local Facebook Group Coordinator, e-Network Coordinator.


Universal and Professional Team – Volunteering for everyone who would like to engage and support Afasic.

Activities include: Article Writer, Publications Reviewer, Afasic Universal Consultative Panel. The Team is led by Lesley.