Fiona McIntosh

World War One Poetry

Fiona has written some special poems to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. 

'RMS Lusitania's Sorrow' (174.4 KiB, 338 hits)

'Our German Brethren' (54.5 KiB, 209 hits)

'A Young Solider' (57.2 KiB, 223 hits)

'The Ceaseless Gunfire' (44.7 KiB, 206 hits)

'The Spirits of Flanders Field' (65.5 KiB, 249 hits)

'God Bless Walter Tull' (43.0 KiB, 221 hits)

Fiona’s poetry has featured in the Afasic Newsletter and she has kindly agreed to showcase her work on the Afasic website.

Fiona says: “Two of the inspirations for my poetry are our historical and natural world since I love nature and history; and I’ve been very much been influenced by the poetry of Robert Burns (he’s my most inspirational poet!), and William Wordsworth.”

Read Fiona’s poetry below. Copyright Fiona McIntosh.

New for November 2014

'Wolfie the Faithful Huskie' (97.8 KiB, 232 hits)

'Roger the Criminal Rat' (91.4 KiB, 229 hits)

New for August 2014

'The Easter Blessing' (177.5 KiB, 237 hits)

'Streets of Beggars' (79.1 KiB, 236 hits)

A special haiku poem for Remembrance Day

Remembrance Haiku (126.0 KiB, 430 hits)

Tribute to “Titanic’s Unknown Child”

The Unknown Boy (165.3 KiB, 513 hits)

A special poem written for Armistice Day

A Precious Poppy (148.5 KiB, 768 hits)

Other poetry

'My Poem to Earth!' (95.4 KiB, 983 hits)

'O Blabberin' Davie!' (42.2 KiB, 876 hits)

'Reaching a Dream...' (41.6 KiB, 906 hits)

'Tears of My Rose' (39.1 KiB, 1,003 hits)

'To a Blackbird' (95.7 KiB, 1,062 hits)

'I'm Walkin' Freely like a Bird' (45.3 KiB, 994 hits)