Fiona McIntosh
Fiona’s poetry has featured in the Afasic Newsletter and she has kindly agreed to showcase her work on the Afasic England website.

Fiona says: “Two of the inspirations for my poetry are our historical and natural world since I love nature and history; and I’ve been very much been influenced by the poetry of Robert Burns (he’s my most inspirational poet!), and William Wordsworth.”

Read Fiona’s poetry below. Copyright Fiona McIntosh.

A special haiku poem for Remembrance Day

Remembrance Haiku (126.0 KB, 221 hits)

Tribute to “Titanic’s Unknown Child”

The Unknown Boy (165.3 KB, 288 hits)

A special poem written for Armistice Day

A Precious Poppy (148.5 KB, 573 hits)

Other poetry

'My Poem to Earth!' (95.4 KB, 769 hits)

'O Blabberin' Davie!' (42.2 KB, 711 hits)

'Reaching a Dream...' (41.6 KB, 739 hits)

'Tears of My Rose' (39.1 KB, 799 hits)

'To a Blackbird' (95.7 KB, 844 hits)

'I'm Walkin' Freely like a Bird' (45.3 KB, 790 hits)