John Levy, who is co-ordinating the Verbal/Oral Dyspraxia pathfinder for the NHS in London, asked Afasic at very short notice to arrange a parents’ focus group on July 16th 2010. Unfortunately, this has proved impossible due to parents’ other commitments. We are hoping to re-arrange the meeting for some time in September. If your child has or had verbal or oral dyspraxia and you would like to be involved please contact Afasic to register your interest.

6 comments on “Parents’ Focus Group – Verbal/Oral Dyspraxia

  1. I would like to register an interest My son is 17 and is at callow park college in Derbyshire he has been at a residentual school since he was five. We at the moment do not have any support services set up for him post school as he doesnot fit in.

  2. I am also very interested. My son is 10 and has severe verbal dyspraxia as well as learning difficulties. he has been in main stream sch but is moving to a special needs school in Sept. but would like advice mainly on his tantrums as they are getting increasingly worse as well as other things, and i’m finding it difficult to cope with him. and it would be nice to meet with other parents. I am also from Derbyshire.

  3. In view of the funding being cut to the pathfinder projects is this research going ahead. If it is I am willing to take part . I have 15 year old attending Penn School in Buckinghamshire with verbal/oral dyspraxia.

  4. I too would be interested. My daughter is coming up to 4 and has verbal dyspraxia. It looks like it is going to be a long road ahead of us. I would also welcome the chance to contact Judith Sheppard as I am about 5 miles away from Penn School and have never met anyone else whose child has this condition.

    • Hi Emily, I will add you to the DVD group mailing list to keep you in the loop. Judith Sheppard has left contact details in another comment – please see recent comments list.

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