Language Units under Threat of Closure
At least two local authorities, Northamptonshire and Dorset, are currently consulting on proposals either to close or to make substantial changes to their language units. It seems likely that the imminent introduction of the Government’s SEN reforms will also prompt other local authorities to review their SEN provision, which could mean more language units being put at risk.

Fighting for Language Units
Afasic has long supported the idea of specialist units and, in the past, parents have fought very hard to get them set up. If they are allowed to close, it is likely to be very difficult to get them back.

Often these closures are promoted as an improvement to services when in fact they are a cost cutting exercise and we are very concerned that local authorities may see language units as “soft targets” because there is no strong lobby of parents in the area to defend them.

Act NOW to defend Language Units
If you want to keep the specialist units in your area, then please be vigilant and make sure you know how to avoid being caught unawares. If you hear of plans to close your units please tell us and take what action you can locally before it is too late.

If you are in Dorset and would like to respond to their consultation, you can see the details here.

Closing date: 16 December.

For more information on how to influence local decisions affecting you and your child, see our essential guide The Parent’s Voice: Advocating for your Child.

There are lots of tips below on how to find out what’s happening in your area and challenge any proposals you do not like.

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