‘My Speech and Me’, by Lavinia Scott
At Afasic we recognise that the closer we get to being able to see life through the eyes of children and young people with SLCN, the stronger our position is when it comes to supporting them and their families. In our work we are assisted by inspirational young people. Lavinia is a very talented and creative young adult, currently studying for a degree. She invites us into her life. We urge all visitors to this site to watch an animation of her story.

2 comments on “An extraordinary insight

  1. Thankyou Lavinia. This is a very powerful insight into life with word difficulties. It is so clever in the design and really gets the message across. It will be invaluable for training to help people understand SLCN. Many many thanks!

  2. An inspirational and informative video, creatively done.
    I shall be using this to inform and raise awareness during my staff and teacher training sessions. Fantastic!!

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