Cambridgeshire have announced plans to close the speech and language centre at Cottenham Village College, on the grounds that no new children have gone there in the last two years.

For any campaign to save the centre to have any chance of success, parents must get involved. So, if you are concerned about the future of the Centre and have a child who either goes there now or is likely to do so when they reach secondary age, please contact us now.

One comment on “Secondary Language Unit in Cambridgeshire Under Threat

  1. My 16 year old goes here and has had excellent support over 5 years. It is also a place for slc children to go to , to feel safe and secure , as their needs are often very great and linked to asd and anxiety. the staff all know the children , their needs and how to support them. to take this away would cause immeasurable damage to future students and mean a valuable resource is lost.

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