Afasic friends and supportWe have been contacted by a young male adult from London who would like to talk to other young people and adults, aged 17+ with speech and language difficulties.

If you are interested, then please contact the Afasic Helpline on 0300 666 9410 and we will pass your details on.


2 comments on “Friend and mutual support request

  1. Hi I saw your request for other young people in London with language issues. My son has mild Aspergers with associated Specific learning Difficulties. He is 21 and great at chess studying A level History.. We live in Fulham.

    • Thanks. We’ll be in touch by e-mail.
      If anyone else would like to help, can I please request you contact the helpline directly. The e-mail address is, or you can phone us on 0300 666 9410.

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