Are parents shy of ringing the Afasic Helpline?

It seems unbelievable but I do wonder. Recently we’ve received a number of e-mail queries where we’ve felt we really needed to talk to the parents. We know of course that some parents find it hard to ring during the usual opening hours. That’s why we offer the e-mail service and it can work very well for more straightforward queries. But, although we do our best, it is hard to deliver the same quality of service as you can on the phone.

Perhaps it needs to be stressed again that the Helpline offers much more than a simple question and answer service. What parents get is highly personalised support and information tailored to your particular needs. This is why a phone call works best – if there’s anything we need to know, we can just ask. So, if we encourage you to ring in, it’s not because we’re trying to make things difficult. On the contrary, it’s because we want to give you the best service we can and in order to do this, we really need to discuss your situation in more depth.

Think of the Afasic Helpline as your hotline to the information you need, and try and phone if you can. Join the hundreds of other parents who say ringing us was the best thing they did.

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