Afasic summer schoolsThis summer was a busy time in England for children moving up to secondary school in September, with 121 children supported in courses across the country from Kent and the London boroughs of Ealing, Greenwich, Hackney, Newham, Redbridge, Lambeth and Southwark, to Leicester, Shropshire and Yorkshire.

Starting secondary can be exciting or daunting – or both – for many children, but for children with SLCN there can be extra challenges; the courses deal with these through ‘serious fun’ providing varied activities that tackle anxiety about bullying, making friends, grappling with a secondary timetable, recording homework, finding their way around in a large secondary school; and critically who and how to ask for help.

Afasic summer schoolsMost courses end with a social day or trip out and this year Greenwich took their group of 24 children on the Emirates Airway across the Thames preceded by the Emirates Aviation experience, as pictured, that includes a chance to sit in aeroplane seats, see how an engine works – and act it out (!!); accompanied by sample smells from the airport, e.g. tarmac, oil etc. and to go in a pretend cockpit and then into an aeroplane simulator before going on a round trip on the cable cars.

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    Is your summer school running this year? I have a student that is in Year 6 who would benefit and I would like to recommend Afasic to the parents

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