department for education withholds report on TAsThe Department for Education commissioned this report last year, but in a written answer to MP Kevin Brennan have now revealed their decision not to publish it. Given the widespread use of TAs to support children with SEN, this is a matter of serious concern. In his reply, the schools minister Nick Gibb stated the government’s belief that ‘schools are best placed to decide how they use and deploy teaching assistants, and to set standards for the teaching assistants they employ.’

If this were the case, that would be fine of course, but recent research evidence has raised serious questions about the way schools currently tend to deploy TAs . If you are concerned about this decision, contact your MP to complain and let us know what response you get.

Rob Webster, a researcher with a specialist interest in the (best) use of Teaching Assistants has now published a blog on the subject. You can read it here:

One comment on “Professional Standards for Teaching Assistants: DfE withholds report

  1. This is dreadful news for kids with speech and language difficulties. Research over the years has proved that Teaching Assistants are key to supporting these kids and special training was designed for TA’s and has been piloted in London schools with great success. This information must be brought to the attention of Nick Gibb and the Government’s Education Select Committee. T hey must realise after the investigation into Special Needs provision by the Government’s Education Committee their report stated that the current provision then was not fit for purpose. This decision by the Department of Education is a complete u-turn on improving provision for children with special needs.
    I am the parent of a child who was diagnosed with a severe language disorder and I was invited to attend the Select Committee meetings where the evidence was given by various organisations. The report by the Select Committee committed to improvements and changes in provision for kids with Special Needs. This is not the outcome parents want to hear especially by the Department of Education. One must ask what are they hiding by not publishing this report? I do hope the Education Select Committee will investigate why this report has not been published.
    Parents of children with special needs have more than enough to cope with without The Department of Education putting obstacles in the way of proper support for these poor children and their families

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