Communication Trust speech and language surveyThe Communication Trust is working with Professor Sue Roulstone and colleagues at the Bristol Speech & Language Therapy Research Unit and the University of the West of England. Together we will explore the experiences of children and young people with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN), and their parents, regarding their involvement in decisions about their individual needs and in service development, especially within the context of the reformed SEND system.

As part of this research, parents of children and young people who have SLCN are invited to take part in the online survey.

The survey will be open for a few more days so please take the time to complete it and help us get the best possible response rate to inform this important research.

We will share the final completed research report with our supporters in early 2016.

2 comments on “Speech and language online survey

  1. I noticed you have had a presentation by Dorothy Bishop regarding Specific Langauge Impairment, but I could not find any references to Auditory Processing Disorder which is the underlying cognitive cause of Specific Language Impairment, and many other speech and language.

    I was wondering if you really understand the issues you try to represent.

    • Dear Graeme,
      We are well aware that auditory processing difficulties are a feature of many speech and language impairments. SLCN is a very broad area of need and not every article or presentation can cover everything.

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