save the children reportA report by Save the Children has received considerable press highlighting its analysis of early language development and recommendation that all nurseries employ a qualified early years teacher.

While it does not address the hidden disability of speech and language impairments, early identification of speech and language difficulties is something we at Afasic deem highly important. We recognise that children with severe difficulties need appropriate, even specialist, teaching backed up by skilled speech and language therapy.

If you have any concerns following the report by Save the Children or are seeking advice on how to get special education needs help for your child, please call our Helpline on 0300 666 9410.

One comment on “Lighting Up Young Brains – Save the Children Report

  1. With my experience with my own child it was not identifying that was the problem . It was the 2 years of fighting to access support . After identifying the need at approx 2 years old we sat on a long waiting list for speech therapy . He finally reached the front of the waiting list had an assessment then started in nursery school . From that point it became a debate over who should fund any further therapy . He was identified as having a severe speech disorder and also has behavioural problems ( wonder why ? )
    Whilst also trying to parent my child I had to become an expert in the statementing process to secure him 2 hours a week direct therapy ( which actually equates to 1 hour as an hour is for planning the session ) So maybe a report needs to be done to follow up why salt services are so difficult access when communication and language is such a fundamental part of human life .

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