A caller to the Afasic Parents’ Helpline recently reported being told that most headteachers don’t take speech and language difficulties seriously as they associate it with poverty and parents’ presumed failure to talk to their children properly. Even if there were some truth in this – and both research and common sense tell us that it’s certainly not the whole story – what difference would it make? A child with a significant difficulty faces real problems with interaction and learning – the very things schools are supposed to focus on – so shouldn’t they be taking it more seriously and doing more to help?

One comment on “Are too many schools failing to take SLCN seriously?

  1. I’m just wondering who told this person that ‘most headteacher’s don’t take speech and language difficulties seriously…’ If this were true it would mean a significant number. Are there statistics to back this up or is it rumour and scaremongering? I feel that comments like this (if opinion and not backed up) can be inflamatory and divisive between parents and professionals.

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