Improving the EHC processRecent research into parents’ experience of the new SEND system has found that, overall, they are reasonably satisfied and like the underlying philosophy behind the reforms but feel they lack sufficient information to participate fully. The research, which was commissioned by the Department for Education, also identified a number of recurring problems including:

  • Inadequate health and care input
  • Disputes over placements
  • Panels overruling decisions made through the multidisciplinary process
  • Insufficient specificity and quantification of provision in EHC Plans
  • Inadequate engagement by schools, for most of whom SEN remains a low priority

As a result of the research, some of the local authorities involved have implemented measures to try and improve the experience for families. The research team have also set up a website featuring the parents’ stories and advice and recommendations aimed at local authorities and other service providers.

Remember: The Afasic Helpline can provide support and information around the new SEND system.

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