Nasan training for teachersFocus on SEND is a new free online training course for mainstream teachers. Funded by the Department for Education, it aims to equip teachers to implement the requirements of the new SEND Code of Practice. The course can be accessed through the NASEN website and consists of a number of modules covering:

  • The graduated approach
  • Inclusive practice
  • Meaningful engagement with children/YP and their parents and carers
  • Effective use of an outcomes-focused approach
  • Understanding possible barriers to learning and developing strategies to help students overcome them

Afasic’s Comment: While any SEND training for teachers is welcome, it is a shame that this has only just been made available, more than 18 months after the introduction of the new system. Participation is also entirely voluntary, so there is a strong likelihood that only those teachers who are already committed to SEN will take it up, while those who really need the training will ignore it. In our view, comprehensive SEND training should be compulsory for all teachers.

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