Recently, a Mum rang the Afasic Helpline to say that all the professionals working with her son were advising her to send him to the local language unit, but she wanted him to go to the same school as his sister. Further discussion revealed that her little boy’s language was on the first centile, well below the level required to properly understand and speak in class!  So why turn down a setting that is purpose designed to provide the right support in favour of a school that might struggle to do so?

There are a number of important lessons here for parents:

Make sure you

  1. Know what your child’s needs are and understand any reports written by professionals.
  2. Investigate carefully what support different schools and settings can offer – making the wrong choice can be costly.

Last but not least: call the Afasic Helpline on 0300 666 9410. We can advise on all issues around understanding what support your child needs, choosing a school and knowing your legal rights.

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