what are speech, language and communication needs? Afasic explains what this means and other need to know information about children who have difficulties talking and understanding what others say.

Difficulties talking and understanding
Some children and young people find it difficult to talk, listen, understand and communicate with others and may need support to develop the surprising number of skills involved.

What is SLCN?
SLCN is the umbrella term most commonly used to describe these difficulties. It stands for Speech, Language and Communication Needs.

Children with SLCN may have difficulty with only one speech, language or communication skill, or with several. Children may have difficulties with listening and understanding or with talking or both. Each child also has a unique combination of strengths. This means that every child with SLCN is different.

Is it common?
Speech, Language and Communication Needs, or SLCN, is quite common. It is estimated that around 10% of children starting school have SLCN – that’s approximately 2-3 in every classroom.

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