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Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) is the new term to replace specific language impairment (SLI).  Up to two children in every classroom have this condition.

Afasic is pleased to have hosted the first DLD conference to be held in Wales.  Key speakers for the day  were Professor Dorothy Bishop, Professor Courtney Norbury, Dr Susan Ebbels, and Sheila Davies.

The conference was oversubscribed, and apologies to those people who were not able to attend. The speakers have kindly allowed us to share  their  presentations. Please click on the links to open each one:

Sheila Davies Presentation

Professor Dorothy Bishop Presentation

Professor Courtney Norbury Presentation

Dr Susan Ebbels Presentation

To see the programme of the day click here: programme of the day April 26th (1)

Thank you to all the speakers and delegates who attended.




7 comments on “Developmental Language Disorder Conference, 26th April 2018 at Bangor University

  1. Please could i be put on the reserve delegate list as i have been told about this as my little boy has been given this diagnosis

    • Hi Rach,
      We have now added you to the reserve list and will be in touch if a place becomes available.

  2. It would be very beneficial to hold another conference for parents who live in the north of England who have children with this diagnosis and who feel isolated as many professionals do not or never heard about DLD.
    Can parents get hold of the information shared at this conference please ?

    • Hi Susan,
      We’ll add your name to the reserve list and contact you if a place becomes available.

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