Thank you to all the speakers and delegates  who attended our conference on Developmental Language Disorder, at Bangor University on 26 April, making it a fantastic success,

We are delighted to be able to share the speakers’ presentations, especially for people who were not able to attend. Please click on the links below:

Professor Dorothy Bishop Presentation

Professor Courtney Norbury Presentation

Dr Susan Ebbels Presentation

Sheila Davies Presentation


2 comments on “DLD Conference – Presentations now available to view

  1. Very interesting. I hope that this will take the meaning of the disability further and get some clear information on what it’s all about!

  2. I do hope so, my son has Aspergers and a “Significant Language Disorder as well as Social Anxiety. Apart from the Language Therapist and myself nobody really understands how much his language difficulties impact on him and it is so hard to explain to others. I feel in a minority as I only know one other parent who’s ASD child has a Language Disorder separate and in addition to ASD.

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