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The House of Commons Education Select Committee has recently announced an Inquiry into the new SEND system introduced in 2014.

They are particularly looking for evidence on the following:

  • Assessment of and support for children and young people with SEND
  • The transition from Statements of SEN and LDAs to EHC Plans
  • The level and distribution of funding for SEND provision
  • The roles of and cooperation between the education, health and social care sectors
  • Provision for 19 – 25 year olds, including support for independent living, transition to adult services and access to education, apprenticeships and work

If you have any relevant experiences or comments, please send them through to Afasic before the end of May. We will be sending our submission  through before the closing date on June 14th and will try to include any relevant evidence we receive.

4 comments on “Education Select Committee Launches New Inquiry into SEND

  1. Our 19 year old son with complex needs and behaviours that challenge has been let down MASSIVELY by our LEA.
    He is due to leave his school in July and we STILL have no idea what he eill be doing next!
    I secured a capital grant from the government of £730,000 to set up a supported living unit for his and 4 other young adults with SEND and the local authority have blocked it repeatedly saying there is no need for it even though we had eveidence. Several of the young adults were reassesed repeatedly until they were found to NOT be eiigable for Social care funding.

    • Dear Karen,
      Thank you for your response.In order to cite this example in our submission, it would be helpful to know more detail about the background. I suggest you send an e-mail to info@afasic and put Select Committee Inquiry into the subject line.
      Thanks in advance,

  2. I have real concerns about the lack of funding in SEND provision. My son is not receiving his allotted sessions for Speech and Language despite the fact that they are written into his EHCP. He lost his Speech and Language Therapist at the end of the Summer term and had to wait until January of this year before he was allocated a new one. Now we have been told that his 6 sessions will be shoe horned into 6 weeks and there will not be any room for monitoring of progress or setting new targets for the rest of the school year.

    • Thank you Stephanie,
      I hope you get things resolved soon. Don’t forget you can contact the Afasic Helpline about problems accessing speech and language therapy.

      We would welcome more feedback for the inquiry from other parents.


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