Afasic Christmas Appeal - the gift of communication

Christmas is fast approaching, but unfortunately thousands of children across the country won’t be able to enjoy this special time of year as much as they should.

That’s because they have a ‘Developmental Language Disorder’, an often hidden disability, which means that they struggle to understand what’s being said to them, or get frustrated at not being able to express themselves, and find it difficult to cope with social situations.

Children like Amy, who said that when people spoke to her when she was young all she could hear were sounds, not words; and Damian who asked his Mum when he first started school why all the people there were speaking French, as he couldn’t understand them.

They need your help, to ensure that Afasic can continue to provide the vital information, support and advice that children and families affected need, but often struggle to get. Your support really can help to transform a child’s life; give them the opportunity to reach their true potential; and live a happier, healthier life.

You can donate here

Please help, donate what you can, and give a child the precious ‘Gift of Communication’ this Christmas. Thank you.

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