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With the continuing health crisis thousands of children and families affected by developmental language disorder are coping with school closures that, for most children, are likely to continue over the summer; reduced levels of face to face support; and increasing delays in getting a diagnosis or therapy. Parents are having to educate their special needs child at home with all the challenges this throws up, often with little support.

We are working to ensure that children who struggle to communicate can continue to learn and develop their communication skills at home, that parents do not feel alone in what they are facing, and are able to navigate the complex education & health systems to get the support their child needs.

However, we are struggling to cover our costs over the summer months following the cancellation of fundraising events and greater competition for grants. We really do need your help to ensure that families and children get the information and support that they need, both now and into the future.

Please do help, and for details of how to donate go here. Thank you.

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