Sandra Capelin is a long-term supporter of Afasic. 30 years ago, she published a book entitled ‘Rachel the Write to Speak’ describing her struggle to get a diagnosis and support for her daughter. She has recently published an updated version of the book which you can purchase by contacting Sandra direct here or online from Amazon here

Sandra has also released this video telling her story, and to mark this year’s DLD Awareness Day and on Friday, October 16th at 10am she will be answering questions via Zoom.

If you would like to join Sandra’s Question & Answer session, just contact administration here, including any questions you may have for her, by 12th October and we will send you the log-in details.

N.B. We agreed with Sandra that she would use the term DLD to avoid confusion, other terminology was in use at the time.

One comment on “Live Question & Answer Session with Sandra Capelin for DLD Awareness Day

  1. Unfortunately I will be working when sandra does her Q&A but I watched her video the other day and it shocked me how many similarities there was with my son from day he was born ! He cried constantly, never slept, couldn’t play independently, cried going to new places or people houses etc etc finally aged 13 he was diagnosed…. last yr!! Still a long way to go to promote and educate teachers …………I’m certainly TRYING! so hard to get him help and supported needed to learn his way……GCSE next yr !!! And now I try to get my 12 yr sorted! I’ve now learnt not to ask school to do something but to TELL nicely what I want! Waiting for results of dyslexic test and learning screening …….wish me luck!!

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