Congratulations and many thanks to Jonathan Edwards, Rose, Leyton & Ramsey who raised over £200 for Afasic with their very own ‘End to End’ ride!

“It’s 25 years since I cycled the End to End of Britain, and I wondered how to commemorate it now I’m a bit beyond doing it again. I grew up in NW Essex and I remembered that there are a large number of villages and hamlets whose names finish in ‘End’. So I hatched a plan to cycle from ‘End to End’ 25 times!

The ‘End to End’ Team consisted of Rose (my wife), two teddy bears and me. One of the bears, Leyton, had already proved his fund-raising abilities when we biked him to The Wash for a wash (he’d been found face down in a gutter in the part of London that bears his name) and then to Bath in a bath for a bath. Now, clean and respectable and with his mate Ramsey, they introduced us to a number of very friendly, generous people in pubs and cafes as we cycled through three Duck Ends, a Bacon End, then Bran End, Brick End, Puttocks End, Brewers End and 17 other Ends to raise a little in excess of £200.

So not a huge amount, but demonstrating that while massive adventurous challenges raise loads and make the national press, you don’t need wild, mad, ambitious ideas to do your bit. Just a couple of friendly (and clean) teddy bears, and a couple of decent days out and about somewhere like Essex.” Jonathan.   You can still sponsor Jonathan, Rose, Leyton & Ramsey HERE.

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