Afasic - about talking

Afasic supports parents and carers with children and young people who have difficulties with listening, talking and understanding others.

At Afasic we appreciate that being able to listen, understand and talk to others are crucial life skills. We understand the importance of these skills for making friends, managing emotions, learning and working.

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In this section you will find information about

  • talking, listening and understanding
  • the terms used to describe these skills
  • how to recognise if your child may have difficulties in these areas
  • some of the terms used to describe types of difficulties
  • what might cause a child or young person to experience these difficulties
  • the impact that this may have on their development

In the course of supporting your child, you may come across new words and terms that professionals use to describe aspects of your child’s needs. Afasic tries to present information in as jargon-free a way as possible so we hope that we can de-mystify these terms and signpost you to further information as needed.

Whether you are a parent or carer seeking help for the first time, looking for additional help or as a young person who is still managing challenges with talking, we hope that we can help you to find the information and access the support that you need.