With the summer holidays well under way and the autumn still shrouded in uncertainty, at Afasic we thought it may be helpful to parents to collate a number of resources, from different sources, that may help with home schooling and also getting help for your child at this time.

Firstly,  we have collated some tips and advice on home schooling contributed by parents on the DLD Facebook page. Home schooling advice from parents (203.0 KiB, 1,183 hits)

We are grateful to Naplic for forwarding  their padlet of resources, that supports families of children and young people with DLD ( Developmental Language Disorder) and SLCN ( Speech, Language and Communication Needs). The resources were collated by NAPLIC members.

Please click here to access the wide range information and activities, such as making your own butter and creating a storm in a teacup! There is also helpful advice about talking to your child about the virus and helping to assuage fears.

We are also very grateful to Stephen Parsons who has sent us links to Word Play resources he has developed with Anna Branagan, which you may find really useful at this time.

Word games for families (122.1 KiB, 1,255 hits)

Word games for schools (519.5 KiB, 547 hits)

Don’t forget that Afasic has a range of resources, most of them free, which you can download and use for speech and language practice. Other sources of help and information include:

Special Needs Jungle for up-to-date information on the legal situation

The Council for Disabled Children resource page

The Association of Educational Psychologists’ resource page

The Sensory Place: Covid-19 educational resources

There are also many home-education sites, many of them American, which contain lots of useful resources for work with children. Google, and see what you can find.

If you need any help at this time, remember our Helpline is open as normal, Mondays and Wednesdays from 10.30 am  to 4.00 pm.