Afasic - my child is getting help but I'm still concerned

Sometimes it takes time for the help and support that your child receives, to make a difference. Children develop and learn to talk at different rates – some more slowly or quickly than others. For many children, the nature of their needs can change over time and other areas of development may need support too.

Your child may be receiving help and support for listening, understanding and talking but you might be still concerned about his/her development or feel your child’s needs are not being met.

If you are finding it difficult to clearly explain your underlying concerns or feel unable to find someone who will listen, you are not alone!

Concerns that parents commonly express include:

  • I think my child could make more progress but I don’t know who to talk to.
  • I don’t think my child is receiving enough support or getting the right type of support.
  • My child needs more speech therapy.
  • I’m not sure which school to choose for my child.

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