Afasic - questions to ask professionals

You may want to ask questions about your child’s communication if you have concerns or just want to check that your child is developing in a typical pattern.

Ages and stages
Ask your Health visitor if they have information about ages and stages for talking, listening and understanding. You can find out more about key milestones here:

Speech and Language Development Milestones - Early Years (242.8 KiB, 17,769 hits)

Check hearing
If your child has difficulties with listening, understanding or talking, it is important to double-check your child’s hearing, even if you believe that your child is able to hear. Ask your Health Visitor or GP if your child can have their hearing checked.

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Review progress
If your Health Visitor or GP advises you that your child may be late to talk but is likely to ‘catch up’, ask them to advise on what you can do to support your child’s development and agree a timescale to review progress. If possible set a date for your review appointment.

Ask for a referral
If you are concerned about your child’s talking and want to speak to an NHS speech and language therapist for further advice, talk to your Health Visitor or GP about making a referral. You can ask for an indication of when you are likely to receive an appointment.

If your Health Visitor or GP don’t feel there is an issue, but you are still concerned, you can self-refer by phoning your local NHS speech and language therapy department. Speech and language therapists can advise you about your child’s communication whatever the age of your child.

Follow up after your child is referred
When your child is referred to a speech and language therapist, their name will be placed on a waiting list to see a speech and language therapist. The waiting times may be different according to where you live.

If you have not received an appointment within the expected timeframe, speak to your GP or Health Visitor or phone your local speech and language therapy clinic and ask to speak to someone who is in charge of referrals.

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