Afasic - free downloadsFree downloads
Afasic produces free downloads with vital information for parents about talking and understanding language, schools and getting the right help. We also have a selection of downloads aimed at professionals and young people.

Afasic - shopShop
We have booklets and leaflets about your rights and entitlements to get help for your child.  There’s also a set of booklets with activities to help your child at home and a range of other useful information available from our shop.

Afasic - videosVideos
We have some fantastic videos featuring parents and young people talking about their lives and sharing experiences of living with SLCN.  Young people also talk about what they have achieved since leaving school.

Afasic - parents supportWorkshops and learning
Afasic holds free parent support days and workshops around the country.  These events give parents the chance to meet other parents, ask questions and learn about how to get the right help for their child.

Afasic apps for speech and language supportApps for speech and language
If you need useful information on the the go then take a look at some useful mobile apps which give useful tips and advice about speech and language problems, the legal system, glossary of terms and how to manage meetings with professionals.

Afasic - linksLinks
Afasic provides links to special schools and other charitable organisations as well as professional bodies for therapists and other practitioners.