Afasic - my child isn't talking and I'm worried

On 1 September 2014 substantial changes were introduced to the Special Educational Needs system in England. The government reforms aim to improve outcomes and put the views of parents, children and young people at the centre of the process.  If you need advice or support about your child’s talking or understanding skills, then please contact our Helpline.

SEND factsheets
This pack of factsheets has been designed not only for parents of children with ‘statements’ but for all parents who have concerns about their child’s (or children’s) speech and language development.

Factsheet 1 - Introduction (142.6 KiB, 3,293 hits)

Factsheet 2 - Speech, language and communication needs (145.6 KiB, 5,194 hits)

Factsheet 3 - The Children and Families Act 2014 (150.0 KiB, 3,111 hits)

Factsheet 4 - What is the Local Offer? (146.7 KiB, 3,014 hits)

Factsheet 5 - What is Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan? (143.5 KiB, 3,603 hits)

Factsheet 6 - What are personal budgets and direct payments? (153.3 KiB, 2,827 hits)

Factsheet 7 - What is mediation? (141.2 KiB, 2,315 hits)

Factsheet 8 - What are Independent Supporters? (141.6 KiB, 2,465 hits)

Factsheet 9 - School duties and question to ask (148.1 KiB, 3,483 hits)

Factsheet 10 - The SEND Tribunal (142.1 KiB, 2,440 hits)

Factsheet 11 - Glossary (153.3 KiB, 2,832 hits)

Factsheet 12 - Further info and contacts (143.9 KiB, 2,923 hits)

Parents may also find useful:
Communicating the Code – this resource contains practical information, case studies and links to other useful items.

It can be helpful to see what other parents are reporting, both to understand that you are not alone but also to see what alternatives and opportunities are available.

Parents’ views on their children’s needs and available support (40.0 KiB, 3,246 hits)