SLI HandbookThe SLI Handbook 
This book is for parents of children with specific language impairment (SLI). It will help parents to understand this complicated and confusing difficulty, by describing what SLI can look like in children of all ages and how it is different from other forms of speech, language and communication needs.

It explains the processes that children with SLI may go through once they have the right diagnosis. It also outlines the kinds of schools available to them with examples of what good support looks like.

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Afasic young person ID cardYoung Person’s Identity Card – Free (50p P&P)
A useful card to prove identity and to obtain help if in difficulty.

Transfer to Secondary School: Moving on Moving up – £5.00
Afasic - transfer to secondary schoolThe aim of this pack from Afasic England is to help families and schools support pupils with speech, language and communication impairments as they transfer from primary to secondary education.
The pack is designed for all pupils and includes a Pupil Profile Form for children with additional learning needs including speech, language and communication needs.

What is a language unitWhat is a language unit? – £1.00
free download for members
2 pages – A4
A language unit is a special facility which is usually attached to a mainstream school. It gives extra help to children with specific language difficulties, so that they are able to return to a place in a mainstream school as soon as possible.

Moving out of a language unitMoving out of a language unit – £1.00
free download for members
4 pages – A4
Most children who attend language units will move out before they reach secondary school. This is partly because many difficulties can be helped before this age, and partly because there are fewer places in units for older children.

Choosing a SchoolChoosing a school – £4.00
24 pages – A5
An Afasic guide to educational options for children with SLI. Introduces various types of provision – language units, mainstream and special schools – and offers a guide to finding educational help for your child. Includes free lists of relevant special schools and further education provision.

Figures of SpeechFigures of Speech – £3.50
By students at Moor House School and introduced by Benjamin Zephaniah
Metaphors and proverbs bring colour to our language – but for some children and young people, they can be hard to understand.

Students from Moor House School in Surrey have collected some interesting but puzzling figures of speech which we use every day.

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