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Transition to Secondary School Courses 2017
Afasic ran 16 ‘Secondary Starter Weeks’ around the country, in partnerships between Speech and Language Teams and secondary schools.

These groups supported 182 children transitioning to Year 7 who have speech, language and communication needs, to address anxieties and practice skills required at secondary.

Examples of fun, practical activities enabling team work and communication skills included making cupcakes at Leytonstone School, with Unlocking Language, in July 2017.

This session was carried out like a food technology lesson, to enable students to practice skills required in Year 7: e.g. following instructions, clarifying, working independently/in pairs, taking responsibility- cleaning up.

By the end of the week, students said they felt more confident about making new friends and knew what to do if they were lost or being bullied. It was clear they were feeling a lot more positive and excited about starting at secondary.

Summer Courses 2018

If you know of SLT teams or secondary schools which would like to host this course next summer, please contact:
Sue Denning, Schools Coordinator, Afasic England Tel: 07709 834 552 or send an email to Sue.

What children and parents said about the courses
“I liked all the activities and all the support”.

Parents reported:
“He didn’t want to come, but after the first day he came home with a big smile on his face and couldn’t stop talking about all the fun he had !”

“This has been really great for my child. It’s just what he needed. He’s come home and talked about it a lot.”