Afasic - please help children who have problems talking and understanding - company giving

We hope that your company will want to support Afasic and so help children and young people across the country living with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) and their families.

Right now, many thousands of children and young people are struggling to understand what’s being said to them, or are frustrated at not being able to express themselves.

This hidden disability can have a devastating effect on the quality of a child’s life from an early age. Communication is at the heart of all we do, and those who struggle to communicate face difficulty in making friends, understanding lessons at school, getting a job and living an independent life.

Please support us
With your support we can give children and young people affected a better future and the opportunity to reach their true potential.

You could nominate Afasic to be the company ‘charity of the year’; we have guaranteed places in the London Marathon and Prudential Ride that employees could use; your company could run a fundraising event for us (like a quiz night or cake sale) – there are many possibilities.

For inspiration and motivation you can watch our collection of short films of young people and parents showing how communication difficulties have affected their lives.

If you’re interested in working with Afasic then please contact Mark Thompson on 020 7490 9410, or email Mark.