Ways to get involvedIf you agree that communication is at the heart of our family, social and business lives then please support Afasic today.

There are lots of ways your company can get involved and support Afasic, including:


There are lots of opportunities to support specific Afasic projects, services and events. Afasic offers a lifeline for parents of children and young people with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) and related conditions so our Helpline, Website, Publications and Conferences are always in demand.

Our specialist ‘Secondary Starter’ transition courses help children with DLD make the important move from primary to secondary school and improve their independence skills.

  • £500 would pay for 25 families to get a free family information pack
  • £1,000 could sponsor our annual charity bike ride or a musical evening fundraiser
  • £2,000 could help us keep the Afasic parent helpline open for 6 weeks
  • £2,500 could sponsor our biennial Christmas Concert
  • £3,750 would fund a specialist week long transition course for children moving from primary to secondary school


Employee fundraising

Employee fundraising is a great way to motivate staff and encourage communication and teamwork.

You could get involved with an Afasic event like our annual bike ride, or the Afasic ‘Zip It’ Challenge, or choose your own event.  We’ve outlined some ideas here  but whatever you choose to do you, you can help to make a big difference.

  • £20 pays for a free family information pack
  • £30 pays for an hour of 1:1 support for a parent from the Afasic Helpline Service
  • £125 pays for 2 parents to take part in a training course on DLD so they can better support their child
  • £375 pays for a young person to attend a week long Afasic transition course

…but of course, the more we can raise the more we can do!

Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is an easy and effective way for employees to raise money for Afasic. The scheme allows employees to make a regular or one-off donation to charity, straight from their salary.  And because the donation is taken out before tax, a £10 a month donation will actually only cost £8. For further information on payroll giving, please click here.

To increase the value of the donations companies can also offer Matched Giving.  A company simply decides how much they would like to match and this sum is added to the employee donations – potentially doubling the donation.

Gifts in kind

Supporting Afasic by donating products, discounted services or professional advice is an easy and very valuable way for your business to help.

Gifts in kind are a great way to utilise your company’s assets and professional skills and can help Afasic save valuable resources.

  • Printing – major items per year include our Annual Review, information leaflets and booklets and promotional flyers.  If your company could cover some of these costs Afasic can potentially save thousands of pounds.
  • Auction and Raffle items – can help raise lots of money at a fundraising event but we urgently need popular, interesting and unique items.  They don’t have to be expensive!!


Raising Awareness

Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder is low but, with more than one million children and young people living with this hidden disability across the UK, it’s a problem affecting an average of two children in every class.

  • Help us raise the profile of DLD by adding a charity page to your website with information about your support for Afasic and a link to our website.  We’ll acknowledge any support that you can give us.
  • Use social media to spread the word about Afasic.  Just by hashtagging, liking and sharing we could reach thousands more people!
  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, like/share our posts and retweet where possible.
  • Or add a link to Afasic’s website to your email signatures

However you choose to help, we’d be very happy to hear from you.  To discuss how your company can work with Afasic please get in touch with Mark on 020 7490 9410 or email Mark.

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