Afasic EventsIf you are thinking of organising a fundraising event for Afasic, but are not sure what to do, here is a selection of a few ideas to get you thinking. Please support Afasic; you really can help to make a difference.

Covid-19: Many of the following ideas can be adapted to be held ‘virtually’ (e.g. over Zoom, Skype etc.) and so ensure that they comply with the current restrictions around the Covid-19 pandemic. Please stay safe and be mindful of your local restrictions in anything that you plan to do. It can still be fun!

Hold a coffee morning, afternoon tea or cake bake
At home, at work, in an interesting location? Invite along some friends or colleagues and ask them to make a contribution to Afasic.

Organise a sponsored silence
At work, at home, a school class, local scout troop – anywhere and for as long as people can last out, maybe a prize for the person who is the last to crack!

Quiz night
Everyone loves a quiz night! Get others involved to help out, maybe provide the food for free, get a free venue, and donate prizes for a raffle or auction?

Clear out your cupboards
De-clutter your house or flat by having a clear out of unwanted items and selling them at the local car boot sale or online (eBay etc.) and then donating the proceeds to Afasic. Even better, get some friends to join you!

Donations to Afasic instead of presents
If you have got all you need and are having a special birthday, or Wedding Anniversary, why not ask people for a donation to Afasic instead?

Dress up/down!
Couldn’t be easier to organise so why not hold lots of different events through the year?  At work or school you can pay to dress up or down, wear fancy dress or become your favourite superhero for the day.  At school you could dress up as your favourite historical or literary character and, in the office, have a crazy top, tie or hat day.  Remember to send us your photos!

You can also look here for some helpful hints and tips on Fundraising Online and also Fundraising with Social Media – hope they are useful. 

This is only a very small selection, the list of possibilities is almost endless – if you want more ideas, or want to discuss a possible event, then please do get in touch with us.