‘Zip It’ for Afasic

Zip It for Afasic - charity challengeThe Challenge:
Afasic is asking people to take up the ‘Zip It’ Challenge. The idea is for all those taking part to be silent and to use only non-verbal methods of communication for a period that you choose (it could be 5 minutes, an hour, an afternoon, a day etc) – you decide.

It could be you as an individual, a whole class or even a school, a group of work colleagues, friends or family – anyone really !

Have a look below to see how people have got on so far with the ‘Zip It’ Challenge, raising over £2000 already.

Zip it challenge update - February 2016 (780.3 KiB, 1,983 hits)

The Reason:
Over a million children and young people across the UK struggle to use or understand spoken language on a daily basis. Afasic is the UK wide charity that helps and supports them and their families to ensure they get the opportunity to reach their true potential.

Help to raise awareness of how difficult daily life can be for children who have problems communicating, and how essential good communication skills are to us, whilst also raising much needed funds towards the work of Afasic.

What to do:

  • Pick a day and a time period to hold your silence
  • Register with Afasic  and ask us for any resources you would like
  • Tell everyone about it and the reasons for doing it
  • Decide what to do during the silence – see our information pack for suggestions
  • Then just ‘Zip It’ and hold your silence
  • Collect in any money you have raised by doing the silence, send it in and let us know how you get on (photos are always great).

Our information pack is full of suggestions of things that you could do, including: Play a silent game, learn some sign language and try it out, have a silence relay – passing the baton from person to person (or class to class), do a silent walk, write a poem or do some art, have a silent ‘bake-off’, the list is almost endless!

The main thing is to get involved and to ‘Zip It’ for Afasic!

Register Now:
You can register and get access to the information pack and other resources that you may need. If you have any questions or want any help with your challenge then contact Mark Thompson.

Thank You.