Online fundraising is a quick and easy way for your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you.

You can personalise your page, which should only take a couple of minutes to set up via People’s Fundraising, and then follow these tips and ideas to raise as much money as possible.

  • Personalise your page with a message and photo.  Tell everyone why Communication is important to you and why you believe Afasic needs support.
  • Get the ball rolling with close friends and family.  People tend to match the amounts already donated so start with the most generous!
  • Email all your friends and colleagues to tell them what you’re doing, why Afasic is important to you and with a link to your page.  Contact everyone you know and ask them to send details to their family and friends too.
  • Use social media to reach even more people.  When you set up your online page add your Facebook and Twitter addresses to make it even easier for people to sponsor you.
  • Stay in touch and let everyone know how you’re getting on by posting updates on your online page, changing photos and sending updates by email, Facebook and Twitter.  It’s a chance to thank those who have already sponsored you and a gentle reminder to those who haven’t!
  • Gain some unexpected donors by adding a link to your page from your email signature at work and/or at home.  A great opportunity to raise awareness but remember to ask permission before changing your work signature!!
  • Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) and Afasic is low but over one million children and young people across the UK are living with this hidden disability.  Add a link to our website, so that your donors can learn more about DLD and Afasic.
  • Finally, keep fundraising even after your event!  Up to 20% of online donations are made once you’ve completed your challenge so stay in touch via your fundraising page, email, Facebook and Twitter to really maximise your sponsorship.
  • Need help, tips or ideas?  Get in touch with Mark Thompson on 020 7490 9410 or send Mark an email.

Thank you for supporting Afasic and good luck!